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Welcome To Death Note: Ashes to Ashes, A Death Note RPG set up in a persistent world format for your own roleplaying pleasure and enjoyment. We invite you to join in our roleplaying fun and to enjoy yourselves as much as we enjoy ourselves!
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Night Williams

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PostSubject: Contined?....   Contined?.... I_icon_minitimeWed May 25, 2011 5:21 pm

I burst into the storage room, panting as i saw a short black haired man shoot a gun at God. "Matsuda!" another said. I ran into the room, jumping in front of Him. I put my arms out, guarding Him from future shots that were about to happen. Everyone stared at my intrusion. The one that was squatted on the ground had started playing with his hair, and asked, "Who might you be?"
I spoke quietly. "I am Northwest, and you shall not harm this man any more.
The white haired one looked at me curiously. "Why not? He is a murderer, a criminal. He is Kira."
"No he isn't!" I shouted at him. He looked surprised for a second, then looked at the ground.
"Your reasons mean nothing. All the evidence has been found. He is Kira, but to make you feel special, I'm going to let you say your reasons."
I gave a curt nod and swallowed, preparing my big speech that I had made up to protect Him. "He isn't Kira because he's a step-in for Kira."
"What?" one of the men in suits said, most likely one of the detectives that knew Light as a close friend.
"It's true. I am also a step-in for Kira. You see, Kira banned up a group of individuals that could play the role of Kira while she went into hiding for a while."
One of the other detectives stepped forward a bit. "She? Kira is female?" He asked.
I nodded, continuing on with my stalling rant. "She gave us all orders through a contact system, passing a note from one person to the next, and we would do as the note said exactly. My most recent note told me to stalk Light Yagami and see what was going on with his delays of his orders. I sent a note back, telling Kira that Task Force was onto him and received another one that told me to tell the truth. This is what led me here, and what's happing now." I dug in my pocket for something, bringing out a piece of paper from a Death Note. I tossed it at the white haired kid. "Here. Take a look if you want."
"Later. Please continue." he said.
"We have all prepared a speech that if we were caught at any time, the case would be solved because we confessed. This news would be dug out from Kira's sources, and sent to all the step-ins, telling them what happened. This was Light's confession speech you just heard. He was just protecting Kira, I swear!"
The kid sighed. "Quite the speech, but not likely."
"Wait, Near, what if she's telling the truth? We could always do a lie detecter test to make sure."
Near, huh? An odd name... i thought.
He nodded reluctantly. "Just to make sure."
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PostSubject: Re: Contined?....   Contined?.... I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 06, 2013 5:14 am

Most likely,I would start working on this case.It was easy to find out the last details by hacking Near's computers.It was a very difficult challenge,but at least,it finally worked.It seems that there are more people that workship Kira than I thought.Of course,It would have been to easy just with one person having human's most powerful weapon.But how did Kira knew about Near's and Light's meeting?I will call her YKira.If Ykira was able to hack Near's computers and take all data?I did it,but I needed help from Lester,from the inside.And Near knew about it anyway,but didn't want to stop me.That means Ykira needed help not only from Kira,but also from the Task Force?Does that mean someone from the Task Force is also a kira follower.but if that was so...why didn't she killed L before he was able to aven start the case?Because she wasn't real back then.
Yagami Light was the first kira,who entered the task Force under L's surveillance.Then he discovered another notebook,the 2nd Kira and the 2 notebooks passed from one to another.But suddenly,one of them dissapeared.And ended up into someone else's hands,someone more powerful that Light couldn't control.Ykira started gathering workshippers and so she could never be found.Very impressive !
The only way to catch Ykira is to see how she rules,how she sends orders to all her followers.Maybe Light Yagami has another task to accomplish.But does Near have other plans ? If that's so...maybe it's time to show them I wasn't quite really dead all this time.That I deffinetly wasn't dead. After I commited "suicide" I escaped the morgue and moved to France and,well,I lived there.The only person who knows I'm alive is Lester.He ws the one that informed me of the situation and got rid of the FBI agents when I needed to finish some "business" a few years ago.
Now,I have to learn more about shinigami and "the eyes".I think it is the right time to visit an old friend.I don't know if Kira killed him anyway for beeing such a stuborn-annoying serial killer.I bought tickets to Los Angeles for tomorrow.It passed a looong time since I haven't seen him.I wonder if he still thinks strawberry jam is better than marshmellows...
Ok...I let you continue the story !
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